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Reframe the story


Pain is so much more than tissue damage. Pain is about protection. The question is what determines the need for protection. 

The evolving science of pain makes clear that social and medical/psychological  messages play a huge role in the experience of pain. Reframing the story of why someone hurts opens up new avenues for healing.

Build hope and autonomy


The only expert on someone's pain is that person themselves. Healing from persistent pain requires a team but the team must be led by the patient. The clinician must be like a drivers ed. instructor. Guide and advise but the patient must drive.

Chronic conditions like persisting pain do not resolve with acute care solutions. Working  toward creating long term change will not happen quickly. Patient autonomy is the best solution.

Explore novel movements


People in pain frequently move more stiffly and with less freedom of movement. This can actually keep the pain active. One critical goal is to keep moving and to work mindfully to expand movement options.

courses for health care professionals



1. The basics of pain: simplifying a complex problem 6 credit hours 

2. The Third Space: collaboration leads to success. 6 credit hours

3. Pain: treatment and tools 8 credit hours

4. Critical thinking and implementing evidence and science based treatments. In development. Anticipated 8 credit hours.

5. Chronic knee pain: a biopsychosocial approach 2 credit hours.

6. Chronic spinal pain: a biopsychosocial approach. In development. anticipated 6 credit hours.

Pricing for these courses varies based upon the number of participants and the location. The best value is delivering the courses in your facility. Call or email for options.

coming events

November 16, 2019  The Third Space: collaboration leads to success. In this class we will be learning by doing. The focus will be on the importance of and the practice of motivational interviewing type techniques with video practice for self assessment. This class is certified for 6 CEUs for PTs in Michigan. This will be held at the Bronson South Haven Wellness Center, South Haven MI. Cost $150. Register on my Facebook page or by clicking here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-third-space-collaboration-leads-to-success-registration-73687704909  

December 5, 2019 The Basics of Pain. This class provides the therapist with a paradigm shifting understanding of pain mechanisms and new ways to engage patients in their own recovery. This understanding is fundamental in recovery of chronic/persisting pain but applies to both acute and chronic pain patients. 6 CEU's for Michigan PTs and PTAs. $150.00 To register contact Jenessa Copenhaffer at: jcopenhafer@wmhos.org



Will the Healing pain class give me relief from my pain?

The class is intended to help you find your way on the map of pain. Most people have no idea beyond medications to try to control their pain. You will learn some techniques to help but this is a long term project. 

Classes for the general public

"Pain is always new to the sufferer but looses it originality for those around him." Alphonse Daudet

The problem of chronic or persistent pain is enormous

The USA spends more each year on chronic pain than it does for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined!

Pain impacts all areas of life and can be devastating for all concerned. Most people living with pain have given up on the most important tool that they can have, good self care. Take back control over your life and you will find more relief.

Healing from pain: understanding brings relief

Healing from pain: understanding brings relief  is a 90 minute program which has helped many understand their pain more clearly and to may provide direction for recovery from the most devastating consequences of persistent pain.  


 Jim has a thorough understanding of people and how to work with and help those with persisting pain. His presentations are engaging and very helpful.  TM

This information is challenging all my old stories. It was hard to deal with that challenge. Once I began to see the connections and I could see the truth of the information in my life, my pain began to fade. 4 months in and I am about 50% improved after 30 years of pain.  GH

Display their FAQs

1. Does pain mean that my tissues are damaged? No. Pain that persists well beyond normal healing times generally means that the protective response (of which pain is a part) has not faded in the normal manner as healing has progressed. This hypersensitivity of the protective response is driving the pain. 

2. Can I live well with pain?  Yes, though challenging it is possible. Often with taking back valued activities of life, the pain begins to fade. 

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