Aphora Pain Education

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The BPS framework is better understood as constantly morphing and changing much like a lava lamp.

Biopsychosocial Framework for pain

Pain is an aphora

Pain is complicated. An aphora is an mystery that defies us access to it's secrets and complexities, but that will not let us turn away from it.  Pain that occurs immediately after an injury is commonly related to tissue damage. However pain that lasts beyond 3 or 4 months from the time of injury is generally related to other issues, including fear of reinjury, life stressors that seem overwhelming, and poor medical advice.

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The experience of pain involves biological, social, and psychological aspect. This applies to all pain not just persistent pain. Learning about the multiple factors associated with pain actually is a very helpful thing. More accurate knowledge allows the patient to explore new ways to move and to have less fear of reinjury. The power of the inaccurate story of tissue damage as the only source of pain is very difficult to overcome.

We offer classes for the general public and physical therapists to assist with learning this approach. Research over the past 20 years supports this approach as a superior approach for treating pain yet it is not yet commonly taught to physicians or therapists. That is our mission, to share this approach with all health professionals and with those living with persisting pain.